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International Shell Hosting by AnonShells

Anonshells offers a tier based variety of unique products and services designed to meet your individual security needs, including offshore VPS hosting. We strive to be a company that places our customers' privacy and security above all else. That's why we partnered with Protonmail, the world's leading provider of secure, end-to-end encrypted email. To ensure that your communications with us are private, we recommend that our customers sign up for a free protonmail account.


Anonshells offers fast, secure, private, and anonymous virtual private servers, starting at $5.00 per month. Customers who purchase a VPS also get access to all of the benefits of our Standard Privacy plan (VPN services and a tor BSD shell for no extra cost). At this time, our VPS servers all come with non-metered connections, there are no monthly caps on data usage.

Using our automated system, your new vps can be up and running in a few moments. Custom VPS configurations are available upon request.

  • VPS Sizes: choose one (all vps include tor shell and vpn access, 1GB connection)
  • 1 Core / 512  mb ram / 20Gb storage  KVM VPS - $5.00/mo
  • 1 Core/ 1024 mb ram  / 20Gb storage –  $10.00/mo
  • 2 Core / 1024 mb ram  / 30Gb storage - $15.00/mo
  • 2 Core / 2048 mb ram  / 30Gb storage  - $20.00/mo
  • 4 Core / 2048 mb ram  / 40Gb storage - $30.00/mo
  • 4 Core / 4096 mb ram  / 40Gb storage - $
  • Need Something else? Contact us if you need a customized VPS configuration. 
  • VPS O.S. - ( available in both x86/x64 architecture)
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Centos
  • Fedora
  • Suse
  • FBSD
  • OBSD
  • Kali Linux
  • Whonix
  • Turnkey Linux (100+ Images) Repository VM
  • Coming soon (and currently availale upon request): 
  • Custom ISO/qcow2/img installation
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Privacy Shell Hosting

Starting at $5 per month, our basic privacy plan gives you access to a Linux shell and our VPN service ( 2 simultaneous devices.) Need more? The Privacy Pro plan gives you everything in the standard plan, but you can have up to 5 devices secured through our VPN simultaneously.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We believe privacy is a human right, and not just a privilege for the rich. For details, please see our privacy policy.

Standard Privacy Plan $5/mo (or FREE with all KVM VPS orders!)

  • Torified Linux Shell with .onion ssh access
  • OpenBSD Shell Account with SOCKS5 TOR Private Exit Node
  • Anonymous .onion TOR Private Exit Node
  • Legacy ipv4 Linux Shell supported (optional)
  • Access to our ipv4 VPN service 
  • 2 devices  simultaneously
  • Ideal for securing your computer and mobile device's internet connection
  • Coming Soon : email via protonmail

Privacy Plus Plan $10.00/mo

  • Everything in the Standard Privacy Plan
  • VPN Access for up to
  • 5 devices simultaneously
  • Enough for your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc

Business Security Solutions

Every business has different needs, and we understand that one size doesn't fit all. We strive to offer  flexible, high-quality, affordable solutions for business security. Please contact us for a FREE consultation and price quote.

Business Privacy Plans – Starting at $50.00/mo

  • Everything in the Privacy Standard and Plus Plan
  • Access to our ipv4 VPN service 
  • Up to UNLIMITED devices
  • Contact Us For a  FREE Consultation and Price Quote
  • Coming Soon: Protonmail Encrypted Email for Your Business
  • Custom domain via Protonmail
  • Automatic, end to end security for all communications within your company or with any other Protonmail user, no configuration required

Security as a Service

In addition to anonymous shell accounts, secure VPN services, and KVM powered virtual private servers, we also offer SaaS (Security as a Service) products and services, including:

  • Risk assessment and privacy consultation services for individual or business needs
  • Network Security Consulting
  • Penetration-Testing
  • Custom security solutions. Please contact us for a FREE consultation.
  • Real time networking monitoring solutions through our partner Bitninja available. Features include:
  • DdoS and Flood Mitigation
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • A Global Threat Intelligence Network that identifies and blocks malicious traffic in real time
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VPN Service Details

Anonshells offers secure Virtual Private Networking services, powered by OpenVPN. Whether you are an individual looking to reclaim your privacy or a business seeking protection against domestic surveillance or corporate espionage, Anonshells has you covered.


  • All of our customers get access to our Ipv4 VPN Service.
  • Powered by OpenVPN
  • Multiple ciphers available
  • Blowfish-CBC (ovpn default)
  • AES-128-CBC (strong, faster)
  • AES-256-CBC (military grade)
  • Powerful Adblocking
  • Blocks ads networks at the source
  • Blocklists updated often
  • Deep Web Gateways
  • Tor gateway
  • Ip2 gateway
  • Http proxy for tor/i2p routing
  • Flexible configurations available on request
  • Our systems do not retain logs.
  • :~$  (echo “all your personal data”) >/dev/null 2>&1